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Director's Statement

I’m not gonna lie, this film is the product of four friends who go to Vegas all the time wanting to do a project together. I’m proud to say, however, that for four goofs looking to hang out, we shot pretty high – all nighttime shoot, period piece and roaming smoke to contend with.

In the short time you’ll spend with Julian, Alton, Slawt and Eli around an 1800s campfire in Kansas, a lot gets revealed, and a lot goes on. You’ll get what I like seeing best in movies: complicated relationships and secrets.

You don’t have to twist my arm to see the newest western that comes to theaters, but it seems to be not until I sit down in front of it do I think to myself, “Oh yeah, I LOVE westerns!”. I’m proud to bring you, along with Justin, Dave and Ryan, a unique, pared-down, one-location mystery of sorts with high stakes that’ll hopefully have you saying, “Oh yeah, I LOVE westerns!”

Paul Preston, dir.

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