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Justin T. Bowler


Justin T. Bowler is an award winning film/theatre producer and director. While earning his BFA in Theatre at UCSB, Justin got his professional producing start working under an Academy Award winner in Santa Barbara. During his career at the production company, he cowrote and coproduced edutainment videos for developmentally disabled adults. Shortly thereafter, he moved to LA. As a writer, he has written/cowritten countless edutainment videos, short films (two currently making the rounds on the Film Festival circuit) and a  feature. Most recently, he produced the award winning drama, Touch, and directed the award winning horror film, OH, THE EFFING HORROR (yes, the name is meant to be shouted). Those two films alone were accepted to over 70 festivals and won over 15 awards. As an actor, he has done some stuff too.

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David Herbelin


David Herbelin, has been performing over 1,000 shows a year, but you've probably never seen him.  He's made debuts of new works at Disney's Golden Horse Shoe, the Maverick Theatre, and San Diego Zoological Society venues along with many more.  While not in main stream film and television, he performs more than those who are. He's been fortunate to make his living acting, producing, and writing.  When he's not on stage he creates escape rooms for his thriving business PuzzleMazement.

Young Man

Ryan Paregien


Ryan Paregien is an award winning actor of both stage and screen. He's written screen plays and a musical featuring the songs and music of U2. (Still seeking rights from the band) He graduated from UC Irvine with Honors in Acting and was part of the first graduating class from The Second City LA. After which, he was a sub for the the Main Stage shows along with fellow alums David Herbelin and Wyatt Cynac. As a voice over actor he has performed in both anime and video games. He has also been a professional host with various companies for multiple conventions. He currently performs in a computer puppetry show called Turtle Talk with Crush at Disney California Adventure.

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Paul Preston


Paul Preston has over fifteen years of professional experience in the industry and a lifetime of experience before that "just winging it".

He likes "Raiders of the Lost Ark" more than you and runs the online comedy show and website The Movie Guys(.net). His short film "Sweetener" played in numerous festivals and was distributed by the Spiritual Cinema Circle. He is the founder of Digital Mind Productions, which has a history of being able to expertly make that thing you want, creating numerous shorts, music videos, commercials, corporate and event reels and more.

As an actor, Paul has appeared on Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life on Fox, No Ordinary Family on ABC, General Hospital, as well as on stage at The Second City, as Galahad in Spamalot, Franklin Hart in 9 to 5, thousands of improv shows on land and aboard the Disney Cruise Line, and a LOT more.

For more information about acting, film and the theater, visit your local library.

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